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English for Healthcare Overview

Anglokom offers tailor-made language courses to support all types of healthcare professionals. Administrators, billing officers, nurses, and doctors all benefit from our interactive and innovative listening and speaking activities. And, if your staff need to improve their writing skills, it’s easy with our task-based and vocabulary-focused business writing lessons for medical industry personnel. Courses are available for all levels of student, according to up-to-date international standards.

Key Objectives

To boost your staff’s confidence for when they support English-speaking patients

To expand the medical vocabulary of personnel in all areas of your healthcare facility

To provide common expressions that make your overseas patients feel more “at home”

To create an immersion environment supported by Anglokom’s advanced e-Learning platform

Anglokom’s English for Healthcare lessons address everything your staff needs, from routine daily spoken English to advanced medical and technical vocabulary. And, they can include professional email writing, arranging meetings, delivering presentations, writing reports, taking minutes, and anything else your business requires.

Course Structure

Course Training Contents

Intermediate Level


Participants warm up to the Module through an interactive icebreaker.

Word Power

Be introduced to lexicon and revise existing vocabulary focused upon the practical theme for the lesson. The new language is introduced through reading activities.

Communication Focus

Learn functional language and communicative elements and understand how they fit into the relevant communication mediums, including emails, reports, and other documents.


Integrate the communicative and structural elements covered into realistic business situations aimed at professionals who work in the automotive industry.

Vocabulary Retention

Review and integrate new vocabulary using the learning box.

Widest range of business communication courses available in Thailand

No matter what your language development needs are, Anglokom has a course for you. Our training solutions include business English, business Thai, industry specific language courses, and job specific language courses. Moreover, we always seek to customize our training to the specific needs your business requires.