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About Maersk

Maersk is a multi-national conglomerate founded in Denmark which runs five core businesses for container shipping, international logistics, and the oil & gas industry. They employ nearly 90,000 people operating in 130 countries and Maersk Line – the world’s largest container shipping company – has three locations in Thailand. The Bangkok office adheres closely to the company’s philosophy of providing innovative options for customers and profitable, long-term business relationships.

For more information, please visit: http://www.maersk.com/en

Maersk’s Challenges

Having operations all over the world means a company’s employees must be proficient in English if they hope to deliver friendly and efficient service. A company of Maersk’s size, headquartered in Europe, certainly recognises this and they realized that their Thailand operations were in need of coaching. They assembled a class of pre-intermediate learners for some of Anglokom’s face-to-face, tailor-made training in conversational language and certain grammar structures critical to business emailing and telephoning.

Maersk’s Partnership with Anglokom

The Objectives

Weekly classes providing an overview of industry terminology and the tools for employees to express Maersk’s key objectives in English

Role-playing of realistic scenarios that occur between Maersk’s local employees and their colleagues and customers overseas

Emphasis on staff improving their confidence and ability to communicate effectively both verbally and via email

The Results

Anglokom’s patented Learning Box vocabulary system enabled Maersk’s employees to use new words on a daily basis throughout the course

Realistic conversation practice resulted in students communicating confidently about various roles and responsibilities within the company

The quality and conciseness of students’ emails aligned closely with industry standards for pre-intermediate students working in businesses

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