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About Praram 9 Hospital

Praram 9 Hospital was originally established by a group of Thai physicians and researchers from several medical specialities. It was constructed with the objective of providing a full range of top-quality services; quite a challenge in Bangkok’s competitive, internationally-respected healthcare sector. Today, Praram 9 Hospital employs more than 300 physicians who deliver a comprehensive array of world-class treatments in state-of-the-art facilities.

For more information, please visit: https://www.praram9.com/

Praram 9 Hospital’s Challenges

Today’s multi-billion dollar medical tourism industry provides an opportunity for Thai hospitals to treat thousands of patients from overseas. This means that the need for English-speaking doctors, nurses, and administrators has increased tremendously, and at Praram 9 Hospital – like almost every medical facility in Thailand – there are numerous benefits to having English-speaking staff with broader “medical vocabularies.” Anglokom has designed multiple courses for Praram 9 Hospital.

Praram 9 Hospital’s Partnership with Anglokom

The Objectives

To encourage nurses and physical therapists to engage with patients confidently in English

To reduce the need for translators when discussing sensitive patient information

To motivate the students with communicative activities and realistic role-play scenarios

The Results

Nursing staff and management personnel have received more positive feedback from English-speaking patients

Broader vocabularies are allowing better communication when staff from different departments assist patients together

An ongoing immersion environment due to the support of Anglokom’s e-Learning platform

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